• General information

    What is the service’s timetable?

    Fuengirola City Tour train begins the route at 10:00 a.m. and the service finishes depending on the season. Click here for more information about the schedules.

    Where does the route begin?

    The main stop is in Plaza Teresa Zabel.

    How often does the train pass by the stops? 

    The Fuengirola City Tour train runs every sixty minutes approximately. 

    How long does the route take? 

    The route lasts 40 minutes approximately. 

    Is it possible to get into the train at any stop, or should I go to the first stop in the route? 

    You can get on the train at any stop along the route with the Hop-on Hop-off service.

    Can I get off the train and take it again later? 

    With our Hop-on Hop-off service, you can get on and off the train as often as you like during your ticket’s validity period.

    Is there anyone on board who can provide information on the service?

    The driver will be happy to answer any questions you might have about the service.

  • Our fleet of vehicles

    What are the trains like?

    Our trains are red in colour and have two wagons. They feature a space desgined for people with reduced mobility.

    Are the trains covered or do they have a roof?

    Our train is covered. There are curtains in case of rain.

    Is there room for wheelchairs?

    The Fuengirola City Tour train features an access ramp and room for one wheelchair.

  • Tickets and points of sale

    Is the ticket valid for one day or for 24 hours?

    The ticket is valid for one day.

    Where can I buy the tickets?

    You can buy the tickets on the train or at the box office in our main stop.

    Are your trains available for private hire?

    Yes, the train is available to rent for private tours.

    I’ve lost my ticket. What can I do?

    Unfortunately you must make a new purchase, since the lost ticket could have been used by someone else.

    Can I book a seat or I've to board in queue order? 

    Seats cannot be booked on the train, please board in the order in which you queue. Except in the cases where due to lack of space will be given preference people with previously purchased ticket.

  • Rules and services

    Can I bring luggage on board?

    Our train has no luggage storage. So, if you have luggage, it can only consist of small suitcases you can take with you and that do not take up any other seat, aisle space or emergency exits. We regret to say that large suitcases or packages are not allowed on board.

    Do you have a lost property office?

    In case you have forgotten something in the vehicle, please come back to the same vehicle and the driver will return it to you.

    Can I bring a baby buggy on board?

    Yes. It will be placed in the area set aside for wheelchairs, so disabled people shall have preference, meaning that you must remove the buggy if required.

    Do I have to bring my own headphones?

    You can bring your own headphones o buy them on board.

    Are animals allowed on board?

    With the exception of guide dogs, no animals or pets of any kind are permitted on board Fuengirola City Tour train.

    Do I enjoy priority boarding on the train if I’ve already purchased my ticket?

    No. Everyone must wait in line to board at each of the stops, whether or not they already have a ticket.

    Are there any specific safety rules for on-board travel?

    Given that the Fuengirola City Tour is a service offered aboard moving trains, it is extremely important that you carefully follow all the safety rules indicated by our on-board staff and by the audio guide system. While travelling, you must not stand, eat, drink, smoke or throw or extend any object out of the train.

    Can I smoke on the train?

    No. Smoking is strictly prohibited aboard our train.

    Is there the possibility of going on optional excursions?

    Yes, the staff will inform you about all options.